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Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Tool
Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Tool

Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Tool

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Of all the tools you own in your equipment lineup, the Sav-A-Jake Multi-Purpose Rescue Tool is absolutely one of the most versatile. You'll find yourself reaching for it for many different uses, making all your tasks more "firefighter friendly!"

The Sav-A-Jake Multi-Purpose Rescue Tool is extremely durable. It's strength tested in an ISO 9000 Approved laboratory to an Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of 5,000 lbs. The PVC/high density foam handles prevent collapse/impingement of the webbing around your hands while dragging or carrying items. Designed by a seasoned professional firefighter, this tool is built to last!

Although the Sav-A-Jake has many different uses, it was developed primarily for use by Rapid Intervention Teams to retrieve a downed firefighter, in other words to "Save A Jake." The term "Jake" is commonly used in the Northeast U.S. to describe a top-notch firefighter, aka a "good Jake."

Some of the uses of the Sav-A-Jake are:

Great for carrying a married halligan & axe
 Functions as a rope hose tool
 Support strap for transporting multiple SCBA bottles
When attaching 2 Sav-A-Jakes, you can cover approximately 22 feet of search area
 Effective as a thermal imaging camera strap
 Perfect for moving charged lines on the fireground
 Great as a hose support strap for brush firefighting and mop-up operations
 Plus many, many more.

Your Sav-A-Jake Multi-Purpose Rescue Tool will make you a more efficient firefighter. As with any firefighting tool, always practice good safety measures. Please review all warranty and precaution information prior to use.

Sav-A-Jake International backs the Sav-A-Jake with a limited warranty. Please contact us with any questions about the Sav-A-Jake Multi-Purpose Rescue Tool.

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