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 Made in the USA

The RIT CACHE was developed due to departments all over the country facing the same problem; fire fighters unable to identify where the RIT Team and their products were located. In most RIT emergencies, the Team consists of several firefighters waiting with equipment loosely organized. Potentially, this allows other fire fighters to mistakenly take equipment (Axe, Halligan, etc.) allocated for the RIT Team.

The bright yellow color and durable high tenacity polyester make it virtually impossible to mistake the staging area and provides a waterproof place for equipment.

As an option, we offer to place your team (RIT, HIGH RISE, etc.) as well as company identification on the tarp. As an added benefit, this allows an unmistakable mark to your department in the case of a mutual aide fire. For a small fee we will add graphics identifying specific tool locations (axe, SCBA, etc.).

Dimensions 78"x62"

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