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RIT BAG™ Original
RIT BAG™ Original

RIT BAG™ Original

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 Made in the USA

The ORIGINAL RIT BAG was designed for simplicity and speed. The primary purpose of the RIT BAG is to supply air. Anything more is unnecessary and only adds weight, size and complications. The reality of a RIT situation is Zero visibility. Do you want to fumble with multiple, large zippered pockets and a big bag using gloves while you can’t see?

FF Darrin Shaw realized early on with the implementation of RIT that they needed a way to get air. He worked with his training division to design a prototype. Our first prototype RIT bag had huge zippered pockets, rope inside that bag and tons of tools. Basically, it was a fire engine in a bag. It took two people to carry it. This large design did not work and duplicated too many tools and rope bags already being carried by firefighters. However, it lead to the simple, effective design we have today.

The team stripped everything away that wasn’t absolutely necessary. They were left with an air bottle, mask, high and low pressure lines and regulator. Some team members wanted extra rope and hand tools. This is why we designed the small pockets and D-loops on the back of the bag. Now they can use a carabineer to add a rope bag and necessary tools in the pockets.

Decisions had to be determined where the equipment would be placed in the bag. From our drills we decided to put the mask, regulator and quick connect at one end of the bag. This is our unique Rapid Air Deployment System. The other end is for the valve. This way we had full visual and hand control of the valve on the other end.

We have been asked many times which end is the top and bottom. Answer – neither. Half of the departments put the mask end up. This way no pressure is on the equipment. Most valves are built durable with a rubber cover. However, since our design is streamlined, other departments mount the bag in standard SCBA bracket valve up.

There are hundreds of materials we could choose from. We tried high temp nylon, Kevlar, polyester vinyl and finally cotton duck. Our tests resulted that only cotton duck lasted. Our material is not a standard material you can buy. It is custom composition specially made with fire retardant processes. It’s similar to the old bunker gear that some of you may remember. Heavy like iron, but wears like iron. Fortunately, in a small product like ours, the weight is minimal – total product weight of only 3lbs!

The only buckles on our bag are seat belt buckles. Darrin chose these because the plastic clips are hard to use with gloves. His training division liked the idea of using one on the shoulder strap, allowing them to shorten and lengthen the strap, and buckle and unbuckle the strap into place. This enables firefighters to attach the strap around the waist of a down firefighter, to an SCBA strap, or other method of attachment as necessary for each circumstance. In addition, we manufacture the strap out of extremely strong Kevlar webbing.

Reality of fire departments is training. We wanted the tool to last through numerous trainings. Darrin’s department trained regularly practicing RIT. They didn’t want to replace bags. So to make the bag even more durable we added an internal webbing frame. We know sooner or later the bag will get torn. No material made today can stop this – especially when given to firefighters. However, our internal webbing frame ensures that even if you do tear it, the bottle and components will stay together.

Bottom line – learn from our mistakes. Use our RIT BAG that is Proven! Tested by ourselves and fire departments for years in every state! There is a reason why we are the only company named RIT BAG.

We also specialize in custom made products. If you have an idea for a product or would like to bring a product to market please contact us any time for more information.

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