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PEST - Personal Emergency Survival Tool

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PEST - Personal Emergency Survival Tool

10' feet long , folded up fits in your pocket , 4 point harness, quickly and easily make
a hasty seat, dawns in less than 25 seconds , fully adjustable to anyone's size, dr ag
strap, tether, hose strap for hydrant, foot loop pull strap for trapped firefighter in
basement, tool strap, cylinders, irons, hose, ect.…, so comfortable you can wear it all
day! Rit/Fast Teams, Safety Harness, Training Harness, Escape Harness! Firefighting,
Police, Swat, Military, Hunting Harness/Deer Drag, and Safety! MBS
4496 lbs 20kN, stitch point 3rd party tested!
Available in lime

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