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Mic Keeper - Fire Fighting

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Part Number:RT2-4022-MicKeeper

Tired of Wearing You Mic Around Your Ankles?

The Lapel Mic is securely attached to your Turnout Coat or Pack Strap. Allows Mic to be securely extended for talking/listening, without the Mic being dislodged / dropped or the need to re-clip after use.

Easily and securely attaches to turn out coat or air pack harness

Mic quickly and securely attaches to Mic Keeper
Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let it Go - it's always right where you need it and up off the ground
Mic quickly and securely attaches to Mic Keeper with bungie Mic adapter
Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
60 lbs. Breaking Strength
400 degree F, V-2 Flame Rating
Nylon/Elastic Mic Lanyard
Mounting System
Stainless Steel threaded Pin (stud) penetrates Mic Tab, Radio Pocket, or Webbing Harness, threads into back of Gear Keeper.

Warning! Penetration of Turnout Coat (other than external tabs or pockets) may result in violation of NFPA standards or may void manufacturer's warranty
Retracting End Type

Quick Connect Q/C
Quickly and easily disconnect Mic from Gear Keeper.
Included Accessory:
Q/C Lapel Mic Lanyard ACO-0905
Attaching Mic
Mic is easily and securely attached:
1.Stretch elastic lanyard over Mic Lapel Clip
2.Firmly seat elastic lanyard over Mic Lapel Clip hinge
Usage Notes
1.Mount Gear Keeper on Turnout Coat (mic tab or radio pocket) or Air Pack Harness. Typically Gear Keeper stays attached except for washing of garment but may be removed at any time.
2.Attach Mic to Gear Keeper lanyard when in route to call.

3.Mic will stay securely attached to Mic Keeper

Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let it Go - It is right where you need it.

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