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Information on how to Receive Discounts on our FDIC Specials Items

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Here is how our program works:

1.      Head to our website and get familiar with the specials we are running for FDIC.  

2.      Once you have determined that you “like” one of our specials and you are at FDIC - just take a picture of you holding/wearing that item and email or text it to us. Once we receive your information we will email you an additional “special” coupon with an additional discount. Your picture must be in front of the proper manufacturer display. 

a.       Email [email protected] or text 708/822-0113 with your information (name, department, email address)

b.      If you have Facebook you can even post a picture on our Facebook page:

                                                              i.      http://www.facebook.com/ussafetyproducts

3.      This offer is valid until April 15th

4.      Customers must purchase the products off our website to receive the special pricing. 

5.      Finally - we are always looking to add quality products to our venue. On your tour at FDIC if you see any new products that we don’t carry let us know. Send us information on what you like about them. We will then do some research of our own to make sure it is a solid product and then add it to our collection of safety products. You can even send us a picture, as indicated above, so if we start carrying the item we give you a proper “Thank You” gift. 

Click here to view flier on information on FDIC Specials.

Please promote our Facebook Page! 

**If you can’t make it to FDIC – no worries we will still work with you!?**


**In the Chicagoland area call to schedule the “rolling” showroom**

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