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Hinge Hook
Hinge Hook

Hinge Hook *24

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Hinge Hook
  • Keeps Almost Any Door Open
As any firefighter knows, closed doors can trap you in a room. Traditional wedges have been used to keep doors open but these can come loose and dislodge if the door is knocked or bumped. The Hinge Hook is a simple, reusable, more reliable device that can be inserted over the hinge of almost any door to aide in preventing door closure without damaging the door. It’s made of zinc coated steel and is welded and bent in such a way as to keep the door open at a 750 angle or less. And the Hinge Hook is light enough to be carried on your turnout gear, high rise packs and belts. What’s more, a handy multipurpose accessory ring can hold a handlight, flashing strove, cyalume stick etc. For even easier carrying the Leather Bandolera can hold three Hinge Hooks securely and conveniently. 

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