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Elevator Key Set
Elevator Key Set

Fire Hooks Unlimited Elevator Key Set (EKS-12)

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Fire Hooks Unlimited Elevator Key Set
  • Equipped with 12 keys attached to a 5" jailer ring.
  • Each Key is on its own split ring for easy removal of individual keys.
  • Keys are hard anodized in gold color plate to resist rust.
  • Manufactured to conform with the majority of elevator manufacturer access keys.
  • Consists of:
  1. Volt resisitant key with 5,000-volt resistance of spring steel.
  2. Swing door access key.
  3. Rib key "T" style.
  4. Vandal proof access key.
  5. Half moon key (Large)
  6. Half moon key (Small)
  7. Drop key adjustable.
  8. Slide exit key.
  9. "Z" key round stock.
  10. Knife key with "T" handle.
  11. Shove Knife.
  12. Kerry Key.

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