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Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Duo (DYN-DUO) - DS

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Part Number:FireHooks-DYN-DUO-DS

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Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Duo (DYN-DUO)

The ultimate firefighter forcible entry tool set. The standard set includes the Maxximus forcible entry tool and the Lock Slot 8lb Force Axe (Part: DYN-DUO). You may order it with the Maxxius Rex (Part: DYN-DUO-REX) or the Maxximus Mod (DYN-DUO-MOD). The marrying slot locks the Maximus to the Axe for easy one hand carrying - no straps required. Tap the handle on any surface for quick release.

Maxximus (Part DYN-DUO):

  • One piece dropped forged forcible entry tool
  • Made of 4140 chrome vanadium steel.
  • A completely tuned halligan.
  • 2 3/4 inch wide adz for gapping doors.
  • Rex lock pulling feature.
  • Square tops of the fork for striking in tight entry operations.
  • Thinnest Adz and Fork on any other available bar.
  • Adz and Fork have depth gauge markings.
  • TPR molded grip improve handling
  • Protective insulation up to 24000 volts (electric cars range from 600-700 volts)
  • Standard 30-inch length.
  • Ez to hit--ez to hold--ez to carry--and ez to marry to our lock slot 8lbs force axe.
  • Almost 2lbs lighter than a Halligan Pro-Bar

  • Lock Slot 8:
    • Perfect balance when in the hand of the user for striking the Maximus
    • Dropped forged head of high carbon steel, rockwell heat-treated and coated with anti-rust nickel plate.
    • Marrying slot designed to lock the axe to the Maximus, no strap required.
    • Single Hand Carrying
    • Easy quick release - tap handle on surface to separate pair.
    • Special triple strength fiberglass handle with a deer's hoof knurled bottom grip and thermo rubber handle.

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