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Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest Size XL #6665

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Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest Size XL #6665

Evaporative Cooling Vest: Soak in cold water, and enjoy cooling relief and comfort.


  • V-neck with zipper closure
  • Quilted nylon outer layer
  • Activated, polymer-embedded fabric inside
  • Water-repellent liner and black cotton-poly elastic trim
  • Lightweight, durable, and washable
  • Soak in water 2-5 minutes to activate
  • Remains hydrated for up to 4 hours
  • Mesh side panels offer improved ventilation and stretch
  • 100% nylon
  • Gray, Lime


  • Construction
  • Trades
  • Maintenance
  • Landscaping/Grounds
  • Assembly/Fabrication
  • Material Handling
  • Freight/Baggage
  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Iron/Steel Fabrication


Most Days, you job is waiting just around the corner with a 2x4 and an XL can of whoop-a**. You need to come prepared. We know. We're into our 3rd decade at the grindstone ourselves. So we know the Gear you use on the job has to be as top-notch and tough as you are. Out stuff doesn't shrink back when the workday forecast calls for heavy metal thunder. Battle-tested construction and design ensure that you can push on 'till punch out - no matter how high the sparks of progress fly. When the job demands more from you, demand more from your gear and always put the best stuff in the universe between you and the task at hand. Be Tenacious.

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