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Black Knight M11 Series- Rechargeable Professional Flashlight- ( Yellow )

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Black Knight Series M11 Rechargeable Flashlight

The M11 Flashlight is a member of Pelican's Black Knight® Series, an innovative range of hi-tech rechargeable flashlights for use by professionals. The black body design of the M11 is made of chemical resistant, unbreakable material with a thermo plastic rubber grip. The lens is made of a high temperature material protected by a thermoplastic rubber shroud. The M11 rechargeable is equipped with a lifetime switch and a state-of-the-art charger. Its bright pre-focused Xenon laser spot beam penetrates fog and smoke. The system includes: M11 rechargeable flashlight, rechargeable battery pack and smart charger base holder. This flashlight can be carried in holsters and rings adaptable to belts (see Pelican accessories). The M11 is water resistant (not for diving applications) and O-ring sealed.

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